Conservatorships and Guardianships

We represent persons in  court proceedings concerning the personal care or financial protection of  elders, minors, and developmentally disabled.  We help Conservators get appointed by the court to care for parents and other loved ones.  We handle emergency proceedings to protect property from theft or loss.  We do forensic, or reconstructive accountings to trace missing properties and monies.


Fiduciary Services

We serve as independent trustee or executor, particularly for large or complicated estates and trusts, especially when family and beneficiaries can not agree.

Decedent Estates and Probate Court

We represent executors, beneficiaries, and other persons involved in cases pending with the Superior Court of California, or who have a financial stake in a Decedent's property.  We handle legal proceedings concerning lost or contested wills, defense of creditor claims against an estate, sales of estate property and real estate, accounting by executors, and final distribution of estates.


Trust Services

We represent both trustees, and beneficiaries of trusts in both private and court administered trusts.  We handle all trust administration matters from legal notices, creditor defense, accounting and tax matters, disposition of trust property, and final distribution.

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